By JoAnn Cartwright Witt


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Stop the US!

Biden, and Pelosi have just, openly, stated the intent to cause  Russia to be

"bankrupt." This is the US plan to control the world, which would be good for noone. The rest of the

world must stop the US. The Obama admin. "wrecked" Ukraine, in this effort. Russia is in the right

to change Ukraine from a huge threat to a benign state.



7/24/2020,  Recently, on's lawyer,  part of the discussion, that day, was

about gentrification in US cities, and Congress's corruption with regard to the help, that

was supposed to go to small businesses. A good deal of money went to the Catholic Church,

which, absolutely, was inappropriate, and other  organizations, instead of small businesses.

I think, there is a desire, in Kansas City, to push some people out of the inner city, as is

happening in other cities.

The Council is destroying our bus system. Service to important places. stops and routes

have been eliminated. It's like they have a contempt for bus riders.


A few years back. the city voted to develop a light rail system. The City Council said, "NO,

NO, NO, Bus Rapid Transit is what we need", and the Council found a way around  that vote

and "Grew" the Bus Rapid Transit" system.  But, for some reason, the city is "wrecking"

our bus system.  I know, some people think they are too good to ride the bus, though, I

don't understand why.  But, this makes Kansas City, MO a shameful city.

Something, else, that won't help: A few years back, some of the Kansas City police took

training from Israeli personnel.  That, absolutely, won't help.




Julian Assange is being persecuted in a London prison  Chelsea Manning was

in a US prison, both for informing the public on information we needed to know.

Don't, even, try to tell me we don't have a fascist government


Read " The Prosecution of Julian Assange" by Nils Melzer.


There are things we can do to help Palestinians:

We can contribute to (American Near East Refugee Fund),  and

 (Middle East Childrens' Alliance). We can buy products made and grown by Palestinians

from both sites.

We can contribute to,( Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions) which Jeff Halper

started to rebuild houses bulldozed by Israel.

And while both state and federal governments are trying to make BDS campaigns on Israel

illegal, we can, always, check product labels for "country of origin, and act accordingly.


March 11,2022:


Right now, we have the results from the interference in Ukraine by the Obama administration.

US foreign policy consists of the hatred of any country having a modified capitalist or modified

communist ( both are the same, actually.) existing in peace, and the demand to have control of

oil prices and control of other countries' resources.  Most people don't object to policy, and

this situation has given me Shingles.  Here are some sources of information:,,, ( If it's not blocked out for you.).

You can, also, go to  and find Tass, Presstv, and others.


The regime installed by Victoria Nuland has been killing Russian speaking people in the

eastern areas as well as Russian speaking people in the western parts, and Greek people.

Kiev told people not to speak Russian and Russian would not be taught in school, anymore.

Russia managed to get an agreement signed by Kiev, the Donbass region and at least 2

other country's leaders. Even though, Kiev signed the agreement, Kiev (I think we can say the US

 is in charge) didn't honor the agreement.   Russia had to stop the killing of Russian speaking

people and the others in the "breakaway" area.  He, found upon military operations, US

biological weapons labs and the progression of installing nuclear weapons, in Ukraine.


People and officials all over the world don't care about this, and have condemned  Russia

for deciding to correct this situation. Russia had no choice.


The US has been the aggressor all around the world, without being penalized by other countries,

but Russia is under sanctions for defending Russia and Russian and Greek speaking people in Eastern

Ukraine, as a result of the US created the Nazi controlled coup military in Kiev.

The US has been using the "Jakarta Method" as it does interventions abroad: Guatemala 1954,

Brazil 1964, Jakarta 1964-1966, Chili 1973, Nicaragua 1979-1990, Granada 1983, Haiti 1994,

and under Obama: Syria , Haiti, Libya and, now, Ukraine.


We have the same problem, domestically. It's the "Atlanta Way."  See for more on this.


More books, Jan25,2023:


"The Jakarta Method: Washington's Anti-Communist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program that

Shaped Our World" by Vincent Devine

"Losing Earth: A Recent History" by Nathaniel Rich

"The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" by Ilan Pappe

"They Called Me  Lioness: A Palestinian Girl's Fight For Freedom" by Ahed Tamimi and Dena Tokruri

Out in Feb 2023: "Guilty of Journalism: The Political Case Against Julian Assange" by Kevin Gosztola.


""The Peoples Business: Controlling Capitalism and Restoring Democracy" from 2004 by Lee Drutman

and Charlie Cray.

"Not a Nation of Immogrants:  Settler Colonialism White Supremacy and a History of Erasure and

Exclusion" by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz.

"American Crusade: How the Supreme Court is Weaponizing Religious Freedom" and "The Foundation

Myth: Why Christian Nationalism Is UN-American" by Andrew L. Seidel


"How the Worker's Parliament saved the Cuban Revolution: Reviving Socialism After the Collapse of

the Soviet Union" by Pedro Ross.






More books Jan 7, 2023:


"America's Empire of Evil: Hitler's Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change"

by Eric Zuesse.

"Soldiers in Revolt: GI Resistance During the Vietnam War" by David Cortright, Haymarket books.

 "Commune or Nothing: Venezuela's Communal Movement and its Socialist Project" by Chris Gilbert

"Ukraine US/NATO - Backed Fascist Coup and a Growing Peoples Resistance"  Workers World books.

"Crooked Deals and Broken Treaties: How American Indians Were Displaced by White Settlers In the

Cuyahoga Valley" by John Tully.

"Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right" by Jane Mayer.

"The Dialectics of Dependency: Ruy Mauro Marini, a Brazilian Socialist" by Jaime Osorio



More books, Nov 11, 2022


"Sanctions: A Wrecking Ball In A Global Economy" by World Review forum and Sanctions Kill


"Reminiscences Of The Cuban Revolutionary War" by Che Guevara

"A land With People: Palestinians and Jews Confront Zionism" by Esther Farmer, Rosalind Petchesky

and Sarah Sills.--Forward by Noura Erakat--150 years of resistance to Zionism


Books by Henry Giroux:  

"American Nightmare: Facing The Challenge of Fascism"

"The University In Chains: Confronting The Military Industrial Academic Complex"


"Secret Power: Wikileaks and Its Enemies" by Stefania Maurizi

"Disarmament In The Time of Perestroika: Arms Control and the End of The Soviet Union" by

Scott Ritter

"Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot ct and the Cover UP of 9/11 and Iraq" by

Susan Lindauer

"Midnight In The American Empire: How Corporations and Their Political Servants Are Destroying

The American Dream" by Robert Bridge

"Capital Nature And The Unfinished Critique of Political Economy: Karl Marx's Ecosocialism' by

Koheo Saito


"Children of the Arbot" by Anatoli Rybakov,  translate by Harold Shukman   -About Stalin's time

"Roman, The Winner of Swallows" by vitaly Terletsky

"Survilo" byOlga Laurentyeva   - Her grandmothers life story


"Brigadistas:An American Anti-Fascist In the Spanish Civil War" a graphic history, by Paul Buhle

and Frazier M. Ottanelli, illustrated by Anne Timmons





More books Aug 15, 2021:


"An Indigenous History of the United States " by  Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz

"Green Is The Color Of Islam" by Romi Elnagar, M.L.I.S.

"Point to Point Navigation, a Memoire" by Gore Vidal

"In the Presidents' Secret Service: Behind the Scenes With Agents in the Line of Fire and the

Presidents They Protect" by Ronald Kessler

"Punishment With out Crime: How Our Massive Misdemeanor System Traps the Innocent and

Makes America More Unequal" by Alexandra Natapoff


"Decolonizing Israel, Liberating Palestine: Zionism, Settler Colonialism, and the Case For One

Democratic State", Jeff Halper, Jan 2021

Previous Books by Jeff Halper: "War Against The People:  Israel, The Palestinians and Global

 Pacification" Pluto Books, 2015.

"An Israeli in Palestine" Pluto, 2019,    "Obstacles to Peace" ICHAD,2003, 

"Redemption and Revival: The Jewish Yeshev in Jerusalem in the Ninteenth Century"

Westview Books, 1991


"Palestine, Palestinians and International Law"  Francis Boyle

"American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World" David E. Stannard, 1992

"Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base" Annie Jacobsen

"Changing Venezuela by Taking Power: The History and Policies of the Chavez Government"

by Gregory Wilpert

" My Life is My Sundance"  by Leonard Peltier

"Requiem For the American Dream: The Ten Principles of Concentration of Wealth and Power"

by Noam Chomsky



Some books and more by Arnold August:

"CUBA-US Relations: Obama and Beyond" , "Democracy in Cuba and the 1997-98 Elections",

"Cuba and the Neighbors: Democracy in Motion"

a booklet:  Fidel Castro, Guerrillermo: Fidel, The Guerrilla in 2015-16 and Beyond"

an essay on Black Agenda Report: "Fidel's Legacy to the World on Theory and Practice"


"Road From Ar Ramadi: The Private Rebellion of Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia" by Camilo Mejia

"Me and Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald" Judyth Vary Baker

Adults in the Room: My Battle With the American and Europe's Deep Establishment" by Yanis


"The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA and the Rise of America's Secret Service"

by David Talbot

" When Corporations Rule the World" and " The Great Turning: From Empire to Community"

both by DavidKorten


"Frackopoly: The Battle For the Future of Energy and the Environment" by Winonah Hauter





9/5/19  More books:


Books by Andre Vltchek:

"Exposing Lies of the Empire" (2015) " Aurora: Western Culture is Wrecking Entire Continents"

(Nov 2016) "Fighting Against Western Imperialism"(2014)


"Shut it Down: Stories From a Fierce Loving Resistance" (2019) by Lisa Fithian


"Permanent Record" ( 2019) and "Everything You Know About The Constitution Is Wrong"

( 2013) by Edward Snowden


"Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media" (1988) by Edward S. Herman

and Noam Chomsky


"A Peoples History of the United States" (1980) by Howard Zinn ( possible dupe)


"Justice For Some: Law And the Question pf Palestine" (4/23/2019) by Nora Erakat


"Moving Beyond Fear: Upending The Security Tales in Capitalism, Fascism and Democracy"

(Dec 2018) by Charles Derber and Yale R. Magrass


"The Management of Savagery: How America's National Security State Fueled the Rise of A

Al Qaeda, ISIS and Donal Trump" (4/2019) by Max Blumenthal


"Class Theory and History: Capitalism and Communism in the USSR" ( 1st in 2002) by

Stephen R. Resnick and Richard D. Wolff






Adding a new very important web site:  Max Blumenthal goes to places,

himself to get the truth about events.


Also, see:  with Richard D. Wolff.-- good information on

economic systems, past and present.


many programs on Ex:   goingunderground with Afshin Rattansi, america'slawyer

with Mike Papantonio, sputnik with George Galloway and others.





I want to cry!


It's so sad!  When the world should be moving to renewable energy, the US, France, Qatar,

 Saudi Arabia,  Turkey, and the UK, calling themselves the "Friends of Syria Coalition", are

willing to destroy Syria; because Assad didn't approve of the "American Trans Arabia Pipeline"

plan, that would go through Syria.  The CIA was used to cause trouble in Syria, as, before, in

Syria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, and Egypt.  The covert operations unit established by Truman was

"unleashed" by Eisenhower to do its "dirty work"--(My words.)  Most people in the US don't

know about the dirty work of the CIA; because US big media are in "cahoots" with the CIA,

but, people overseas know, and they don't understand why we don't know these things.

And, now; because, the US government doesn't want US citizens to know, RT and Sputnic web

sites are having to register as foreign agents. That's just fine with me; because the truth is,

absolutely, a foreign idea.  Ref:  "The Preferred Plan" by Matthew Jones,  "Safe for

Democracy" by John Prados, and "Legacy of Ashes" by Tim Weiner.


Furthermore, our churches are complicit, also. When 2 men came to my door and asked to

pray with me, I said, "Christianity died when Jesus died. No one is trying to do what Jesus

taught."  I think, it's obvious, that politicians took over the churches, right after Jesus died,

and have been in control ever since. When a minister "christens" a nuclear weapons plant, you

know something is not right.



The Olympics of 2018:

The IOC should be known as the shameful committee.  In the past, when athletes have tested

positive for a drug, the particular athlete was punished. This year, the IOC barred Russian

athletes, who had never tested positive, and those invited to participate, were not allowed to

carry the Russian flag or wear Russian identity attire. WADA ( the World Anti-Doping Agency)

showed its vindictiveness, when it interrupted a Russian figure skater as she was in the middle

of her routine in practice, for a drug test, and the same thing happened with a female Russian

hockey player.  WADA allows 1600 micrograms of Asthma meds per day.  Why is this? 

Norway announced, that 6,000 doses of Asthma meds went to PyeongChang with their

athletes.  If lung meds are OK, heart meds, certainly, should be.  The, only, fair policy

is for no meds to be accepted.

There are some law suits in progress, as there should be, and I hope the current WADA and

IOC people are replaced.  One source: German journalist questions Norway's Olympic Success....
   Please go to this site for very important information.



Someone has stated, what the problem is, while not seeing it as a problem, which

is that the CIA has unacceptable powers. The person said, "It's not wise to disagree

with the "intelligence community"; because, they can hurt you in so many ways." 

 Big media is OK with this situation, but, what we have in place with the NSC10/2,

(which gave the CIA paramilitary status and the ability to carry out covert actions,

with deniability as the cover.) are elements of government that are "bass ackwards". 

The "intelligence community" should be working for the President; not the other

way around. The CIA has created a story to cover up illegal activity by the CIA,

and people are swallowing it. This happens a lot.  Members of the CIA should be

held accountable for illegal activity, like anyone else.



The Demo. Party doesn't want to face the dissatisfaction with the Demo Party; so, has to find

another excuse for Hillary's loss.  Also, the Dems and the CIA want to get a cold war with

Russia in place before Trump takes office, like the CIA got Kennedy into a war on Cuba.

Craig Murray, former British ambassador, told The London Daily Mail, that he, personally,

received the Podesta emails, via an intermediary, in Washington DC,  took them back to

London and gave them to Wikileaks.    But, "big media" isn't interested in this. They print

what the government wants people to think, which is that, Russia got the emails and passed

them to Wikileaks.   The Democratic Party and the "intelligence agencies" are showing just

how corrupt they are.      And Super Delegates are illegal.



Nov. 30, 2016


Food and Water Watch Fall Report says: " Pres. Obama signed a bill in July to prevent states from

adding clear, easy-to-read GMO labels to food packages. The law, immediately, pre-empted

the Vermont GMO labeling law" which was to start July 1, 2016.



Oct. 13, 2016

Missourians,  Chris Koster  opposes the EPA for Missouri, regarding the Clean Power Act

and The Clean Water Act.---He has sued the EPA.



Aug 22, 2016

Something interesting, Terrorising, actually:   ( There's a body count.) 

Wikileaks will pay $20,000. to someone

with good information on the 7/10/16, murder of Seth Conrad Rich, 27, who was the

DNC voter expansion data director.  There are other bodies:  John Jones, 48, Britain's

top human rights lawyer, and Julian Assange's lawyer, was (pushed ?) in front of a

moving train, 8/19/16., The 6/22/16 suspicious death of John Ash, UN official set to

testify against the DNC and Hillary Clinton, Victor Thorn, author of books exposing the

Clintons, found shot on a mountain top near his home, 8/1/16, Shawn Lucas, lead attorney

in the Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case and Sanders supporter, found dead at his home,

8/4/16.  (See: Wikileaks Julian Assange's Lawyer Gets Hit By a Train.)   Too many bodies,

to be coinsidences.  The CIA operates with impunity, with denial as the cover. See:

The NSC10/2 legislation.




Jan. 14,2017

 We need to grow a third party that takes no corporate money.

 Our internet usage is being monitored and censored. Just now, Congress and Obama

have given the CIA, FBI, and the DEA ( & actually, 16 other agencies) access to

"raw data collected by the NSA.

We've been at war, illegally, for 13 (? )years. Both parties are OK with the genocide

of Palestinians. 

 Both major parties are, openly, for persecuting whistleblowers.


 Legislation we need to get repealed:

Military Commissions Act, The patriot Act, (not an act: militarization of police departments), 

no right to send money to Palestinians via the designation of Palestine as a foreign terrorist,

 the 2012 NDAA, the NSC 10/2, the 1918 Alien Enemies Act, The Liberty Act ( section

702 of FISA), The Magnitsky  Act, The halliburton Waiver of the Safe Drinking Water Act,

the Monroe Doctrine, and the Taft hartley Act.




Aug 4, 2016 ---  



 Hillary Clinton,Wall-Mart boardmember, favored bailing out Wall Street bankers,

worked to reduce wages in Haiti, Libya intervention, approved the thug ((military trained

at the U.S. School of the Americas))coup of the democratic government in Honduras

and the deportation of Honduran political refugees)


Hillary's TV ad criticizes Trump for outsourcing.  It was Bill Clinton's programs that promoted outsourcing of jobs.



Democrats, we need a new party:


I've told the Democratic Party, " You aren't "democratic."  The "Superdelegates"  are one

example for my assertion.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National

Committee, stated to CNN, Feb, 2016:

"Unpledged delegates exist, really, to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don't

have to be in a position where they are running against grass-roots activists."  So, there we

have it!   Super Delegates are illegal.


The "superdelegates" are all "Democratic" members of Congress, "Democratic" governors,

members of the Democratic National Committee, all former Democratic Presidents, all

former Democratic Vice- Presidents, all former Democratic leaders of the U. S. Senate,

all Democratic Speakers of the House of Representatives, all Democratic Minority Leaders,

and all former chairs of the Democratic National Committee. Then there are about 81 total

"add-on unpledged delegates chosen by the state parties.



For current pledge status, see:



Apr 22, 2015:  The latest on the secret TPP Agreement,

Obama is asking congress for Fast Track on :   Be sure to call

your legislators to act against this. See:  and take action, Thursday,

Apr 23, 2015!   Senator Ron Wyden is for this Fast Track. I've emailed him, that it doesn't

matter what, else, he says if he if for the TPP.  The TPP will take away rights from people, cities,

and the country, in favor of international corporations.  I've been asking for Fair Trade; not

so-called "Free Trade."   Those deals are all bad for ordinary people, everywhere.



 Send messages to the FCC to designate the internet a

communication service,  (That is what it is.)  and make it net

neutral, with equal access to all! Sometimes communication

is a matter of life and death.

Go to   Call your legislators on September 10, 2014.


RE: Ukraine:


The EU ( most likely influenced by the US)  delivered an ultimatum to Ukraine: 

 "Make a trade agreement with the EU or Russia; not both."  The EU is acting like

a "school yard" spoiled brat. People, please, send a multitude of emails, demanding

some sense of adult responsibility.   I sent one, expressing my astonishment that the

EU would rather have people being killed, rather than having Ukraine have agreements

with Russia as well as the EU. Also, the EU has "OK'd" GMO corn to be allowed into

the EU.  Those countries opposed had better break away from the EU, before they

are, totally, destroyed. Clearly, the EU is being controlled by US corporations.  GMO's

are bad,bad, bad!  They are like NAFTA:  toxic!


BDS on Israel, Egypt, and the US until Egypt opens its border to Gaza, Israel allows

the open sea to  Gaza,  Israel stops demolitions in Palestine, and Israel recognizes

Palestinian rights.


Must read:

"The Party Is Over" (book) and essay "Anatomy of the Deep State" by Mike Lofgren

"Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote Control" by Medea Benjamin


Boycott, the company that company has been awarded the "World's

Worst Boss" award by the International Trade Union Confederation.  "The warehouses

are dehumanizing hives...shockingly big--more than 16 football fields big, or eight city

blocks--pickers must constantly crisscross the expanse. Then, there are miles of sever-foot-

high shelves running along the three-story buildings, requiring the swarm of pickers to stoop

down, crawl along, or stretch way up continuously. They are directed by handheld computers

to each target. ...Then they scan the pick and must put it on the right track of seven miles

of conveyor belts running through the facility, immediately after which they're dispatched

by the computer to find the next product.....The pickers' computers don't just dictate where

they're to go next, but, how many seconds Amazon's time-motion experts have calculated it

should take them to get there. The scanners also record the time

each worker actually takes---information that is fed directly into a central, all-knowing

computer. The times of every picker are reviewed and scored by managers who have an

unmerciful mandate to fire those exceeding their allotted seconds.

Mac McClelland, a fine investigative reporter...took a job as a picker in an Amazon-

contracted warehouse...McClelland was reminded again and again by ever-present time

monitors it is not 30 minutes and 1 second, but 29 min. and 59 seconds.....if you are not

back at your next picking spot on the dot, you earn penalty points. Never mind that the

half-hour lunch period,...includes the time to get through the metal detector and use the

disgustingly overcrowded bathroom.....and stand in line to clock out and back in. Should

you desire...a warm meal, there's another line to use the microwave. Likewise the two

15 min. breaks....include scampering a half mile or more to the break room, waiting in

line to pass through the despised metal detector and anotherline if you need to pee. The...

break is usually reduced to under 7 min....managers bark "Zoom, Zoom! pick it up!

picker's pace guys!  Amazon warns new initiates that there are 500 visible cameras....and

500 hidden cameras. Amazon warehouse employees are "contingent" hires: temporary,

seasonal, part-time laborers entirely subject to the employers' whim....When sales perk up

and managers demand you do a 12- hour shift with no must do it or be fired..

....(no holidays guaranteed.) health insurance, no vacation time, no scheduled raises,

no promotion track, no route to a full time or permanent job, no regular schedule, no job

protection and --of course--no union. Bezos ...has gone all out with intimidation tactics,

hiring a notorious union-busting firm to crush any whisper of worker organizing." 

The Hightower Lowdown, vol 16, No 8, Aug. 2014. See


People's religious obligations with regard to birth control, should stop with what they

want for their own bodies; not to the decisions others may make.  The world is, grossly,

over-populated; so, it makes no sense to deprive people of birth control.  In fact, it is

cruel. Sex has been proven to be healthful for couples, and it makes people who love

each other, feel closer, emotionally. There is nothing in the Bible that says sex is only for




Some quotes I just had to put here from

"The people have the power, the power to dream, to rule, to wrestle the world from fools."

---Patti Smith

"A corporation is not a person until Texas executes one."

"Can I marry one? Is General Electric single?  - Questions in letters to the New York Times.



I'm wondering if we will need to fight a religious civil war. It seems, that too many people are trying to force

their religious beliefs on the rest of us. They claim to be against abortions for any reason; because it is killing

babies. Why is it, that they aren't upset about illegal wars, with all of the killing, maiming and deforming of

babies that occurs from the use of depleted uranium weapons?  I have to conclude, that it is, really, about

controlling women; because, if these people, really, cared about killing, we wouldn't have these wars.




Go to and sign up for regular voting records of your legislators.


Here are the 7 Senators, who voted "Nay" on the new enhancement of the Military

Commissions Act:  Tom Harkin, (D) IA, Rand Paul (R) KY, Tom Coburn (R)OK,

Jeff Merkley (D) OR, Ron Wyden (D) OR, Mike Lee (R) UT, and

Bernie Sanders (I) VT. ( The Nat'l Defense Authorization Act FY 2012 Roll call

vote # 218.  Passed 93-7)  Only, seven stood up for democracy.


For the House votes:, click HR 1540  , Roll Call # 375, Complete Tally.

Passed - 96 voted "Nay."  ( See how your Representative voted.)


For the Military Commissions Act of 2006: , click  All Congressional Actions

With Amendments, Bill Summary & Status, 109th Congress, Final Vote Results for S 3930,

Senate Roll Call # 259  (H.R. 6166)  (34 "Nays")

And House-- H.R. 6166 , Roll Call # 491.  (168 "Nays")



Follow what is happening with Bradley Manning at

Now, declared a female, publicly,  is Chelsea Elizabeth Manning. She hopes to get the treatment

she needs to be, physically, what she feels she is.

Aug. 4, 2016  Chelsea is being mistreated. Actually,  since Obama dictated the verdict in her case,

he tampered with any possible judge and any possible jury; thereby, eliminating any possibility of

a fair trial. Thus, her case should be dismissed.  We have a fascist system, now.
   -with Col. (Ret.)Ann Wright


New book: "JFK And The Unspeakable: How He Died and Why It Matters", by

James W. Douglas.   See an interview on Law and Disorder Radio and,  November 27, 2012.




Attention !

The US is under the control of the evil "juvenile delinquent" leadership in the Pentagon.

These people are willing to destroy any precious environment, ruining the lives of natives,

in order to have a place for their earth destroying war toys!

People rise up, please!

Go to:,

Read book:  "Blood on the Tracks: the Life and Times of S. Brian Willson" by S. Brian Willson

and "The Iron Heel"  by Jack London  ( On  , Oct. 28, 2011.)



Oct.9, 2011, Pres. Obama announces after a meeting with Lobo, Pres. of coup government

in Honduras, that Honduras is promoting free speech and democracy.   Obama knows the

truth, which can be seen here:





The politicians and the banks  manufactured this. We need to end the banking industry's

ability to bring us to our knees.

GO TO: "The Secret of OZ" (by Mr. Bill Still) on You Tube.

Let's have our government issue and control the quantity of money.


For examples of taxes paid by corporations, see, below.

and, also,  see:   "Study Says Most

corporations Pay No U.S. Income Taxes'


Go to   --   Help fight  for democracy.



Read: "Chomsky on Anarchism" by Noam Chomsky.


"It is pure idolatry to use God and religion to justify militarism, assaults on the judiciary,

dismantling of environmental protections, undermining social security, demeaning of

homosexuals, or attempts to privilege the needs of the rich over the poor." ---

Tikkun ad,( the conference on spiritual activism) Mother Jones, July/August 2005.


What happened in Ecuador? See: ""3rd World Democracy Handbook" by Oscar Leon at



 Also, Google, and I guess other search engines as well, doesn't give everyone

all of the options available on a subject.

Google decides, what you might like.

 (See book: "The Filter Bubble: What The Internet is Hiding

From You" by Eli Pariser



Also, boycott palm oil.  Farmers are being killed in order to take over their land for

palm oil production.  See link at ( Unless it's organic palm oil)



Boycott Haines and levi Strauss; because of "sweat" shops in Haiti.

Boycott Exxon Mobil, Bank of America, and GE. They paid no taxes in recent years

and, indeed, have received "refunds" from the treasury. Two-thirds of corporations in

the US, paid no taxes. " America does not face a deficit crisis --we face a multi-billion

dollar annual tax dodge by the most elite of moneyed elites."  See hightowerlowdown.

org/june2011  and




Boycott Israel and Israeli products, until borders are open and illegal settlements

 and the walls are all dismantled.  Isn't the world sick of the Israeli government

"crap?"  Can't we "put this puppy to bed"?

( Find sources on Palestine and Gaza, below.)


( Helen Thomas was worn down by the total lack of appreciation of the

land taken, illegally, from native Palestinians and Bedouins and given to

Europeans. Many Jews, who left "Palestine" for "Israel", destroyed the homes

they left behind; so displaced Palestinians couldn't have their abandoned homes.

This appears to be a plot to trigger a warring atmosphere, to provide a reason for

the Israeli government to take even more land.  (More on Palestine below.)


Book: "the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" by Ilan Pappe'



and   -- The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation


For people, who think they are to "decipher" Revelation and help to make

their decisions  come to pass, I don't know of any place in the Bible that

says that. We are, however, commanded to try to treat people in the best way we

know how.



 Can we stop the madness?

From PeaceWorks KC, May 2010 news letter - Nuclear fuel reprocessing =

weapons proliferation:   ( This is so important, that I'm putting the whole article on here.)


'In nuclear power plants, the highly radioactive fuel rods are removed from the reactor

after about five years of fissioning and are replaced with fresh rods. Reprocessing involves

physically chopping up the irradiated rods and then dissolving them in acid to extract plutonium

and uranium. Separate plutonium can be used to make nuclear weapons. Commercial

reprocessing currently takes place in five countries -- France, India, Japan, Russia and the

United Kingdom.

No permanent waste repository exists on the planet for the disposal of fuel rods. Irradiated rods

are, therefore, being stored at every reactor site. They remain vulnerable to terrorists and

accidental releases, and they increase the radiation exposure of workers. The U.S. nuclear

industry is promoting reprocessing  as its latest illusion of a solution to the high- level radioactive

waste problem.

A fraction of the separated plutonium from reprocessing is intended for use in new reactor fuel.

When used, though, the new fuel would then itself generate more plutonium, possibly releasing

harmful particles and rays for at least 240,000 years.

Because  the solid irradiated rods are transformed into high-level radioactive liquids and sludges,

reprocessing increases, rather than decreases, the volume of homeless radioactive waste. Waste

byproducts cannot be reused; they have to be abandoned on-site or dumped elsewhere. For

example, French uranium wastes, left over from reprocessing, have been shipped to Siberia for

indefinite storage.

Both Presidents, Ford and Carter, banned commercial reprocessing in the U.S.; because they

feared that the technology's spread would be used for the worldwide proliferation of nuclear weapons.

In addition to the use of extracted plutonium in nuclear weapons, the left-over reprocessing wastes

can be used to turn an ordinary bomb into a dirty bomb, that is designed to disperse radioactivity.

President Reagan overturned the reprocessing ban, but the exorbitant cost of building and operating

such plants has kept reprocessing from being revived in the U.S., since 1972.

Radioactive wastes are released directly into the environment during the routine operation of

reprocessing plants. The British Sellafield plant has dumped its waste liquids, laced with a total of

over 1,000 pounds of plutonium into the Irish Sea.  The French La Haque plant discharges tens of

millions of gallons of liquid radioactive waste into the English Channel every year.

Reprocessing plants, large enough to handle current U.S. irradiated fuel inventories, would cost an

estimated $40- $60 billion each to build, and at least $3 billion each year to operate. Taxpayers

and/or electric ratepayers would, almost certainly, bear those added burdens, not the nuclear power


Because of the 2010 cancellation of the proposed geologic disposal facility for irradiated fuel rods at

Yucca Mountain, Nevada nuclear power promoters are, again, advocating reprocessing.

The U.S. nuclear industry, the national nuclear labs, and the French government's atomic giant, Areva,

successfully lobbied the George W. Bush administration, in 2006, to launch the Global Nuclear Energy

Partnership, designed to revive reprocessing and expand nuclear power worldwide.

Although, President Obama has cancelled GNEP's environmental review, funding for reprocessing is

continuing within the Energy Department's "Fuel Cycle Research and Development" program.'


If you care about this planet, call your legislators and ask for the cessation of reprocessing of

irradiate rods. While you are at it, ask for the end of nuclear processing, period!  There is no

 solution for nuclear waste. The world has gone mad. Can we stop this?


( Workers, who have worked next to the Kansas City nuclear parts plant, have been getting sick and dying,

for years, and in spite of reports, it is just now being studied by the government, after NBCAction news

started reporting on the sickness and deaths. The government has approved of the building of a new

such plant in a near-by town. Why don't we stop "majoring" in war?????) 

See .


Re.  The Kansas City Plant: ( From Henry Stoever, chair of the PeaceWorks board, and Jane Stoever's


"For about three years, members of PeaceWorks, Kansas City, and the KC Chapter of Physicians for

Social Responsibilty (PW/PSR-KC) have actively opposed the Kansas City Plant, operated by

Honeywell for the National Nuclear Security Administration. The plant, part of the Bannister Federal

Complex, makes non-nuclear parts for nuclear warheads, such as the W-76 and W-88 (delivered by

Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missiles), the W-78 and W87 ( delivered by Minuteman III

intercontinental ballistic missiles), and the B-61 gravity bomb ( delivered by B-2 bombers).

Activists in PW/PSR-KC are confronting the local nuke factory. We testified repeatedly to the City

Council and, on Feb. 4, watched it approve the new NNSA campus at Botts Road and MO Hwy. 150.

Through the plan, Kansas City gives the new plant a $45 million tax cut and commits up to $10 million

for local infrastructure, such as highway expansion.* Private financing for the new plant, estimated to cost

$1.2 billion over a span of 20 years, will keep it hidden from federal budget reports citizens can track.

This situation baffles and appalls us. City and federal funding for nukes escalates, while people in our city

and our world go hungry and homeless."


From: Peaceworks, September 2010:

Here is how the transaction goes:     "GSA will sublease the plant from the private developer, CerterPoint

Zimmer(CPZ), a limited liability corporation formed by Chicago-based Centerpoint and Kansas City-based

Zimmer Real Estate Services. CPZ has a 20- year lease-to-purchase deal from the current owners, the

Planned Industrial Expansion Authority (PIEA), the agency of the City of Kansas City (MO), that is subsidizing

the whole project through the sale of about $700 million in municipal bonds. Strangely enough, the PIEA

bought the 186-acre field last month, (July, 2010) for more than $5 million from CPZ, which just "happened" to

own the land NNSA chose for its new production plant. The PIEA retains title to the property."

(This means that Kansas City, Missouri will own a federal nuclear bomb production plant.)  The NNSA,

 The National Nuclear Security Administration, will sublease it from the GSA.


Alert!  book:  "Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer" and " If You Love This Planet: A Plan

to Heal the Earth" by Dr. Helen Caldicott




* See NAFTA Super Highway, below.


Keep up with 


Go to   No more oil drilling !!



Re: the Olympics, go to   The cities always

take from poor and indigenous people. We need to put a stop to this practice. It is not

the fault of the athletes.  I had to start watching the figure skating.


Sign petition:


Re: healthy food:



Young people in the US, stop enlisting in the military and

start infiltrating the "Democratic"

Party, to fight for peace. 

If you think you have to join the military, first, read:  ( Military Intelligence  Threat

Awareness and Reporting Program)



  Most US citizens want Single Payer Health Care. See:

At least states should have the right to establish, legally, their own Single Payer Health

System. See: Kucinich's web site.


Go to  ---Petition Congress to

eliminate personhood for corporations and other means to create a


Go to    help fight for

net neutrality.


Go to    Tell Google "No deal with NSA!



ABC's Nightline has asked, "Are our history books slanted to a progressive kind of

language? Nothing could be further from the facts. Our text books have, always, tried

to cover over the evil doings of our government against the citizens of the US and the

world. The US government has never been a champion of democracy.


 If you want the facts, see Native American accounts, "The Peoples History of The United States"" by

Howard Zinn, The Multinational Monitor, and Public Citizen papers, and the book,"Mirrors,

Stories of Almost Everyone" and "Open Veins of Latin America, Five Centuries of The Pillage of

 a Continent",by Eduardo Galeano,

"In The Shadow of Power", by Kike Arnal.

"The History of the National Security State" by Gore Vidal.   --Jonathan Schell

Read, " Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army" by

Jeremy Scahill.

"The Native American Experience" by Jay Wertz, available at,

"Myth America" by William Boyer,

"The American Empire and the Fourth World: The Bowl With One Spoon, Part One" by

Anthony J. Hall,

"Confessions of Economic Hitman" by John Perkens,

"Abolition: Democracy:Beyond Empire,Prisons, and Torture" by Angela Davis,

"Unlimited Power", "Washington Rules" by Andrew Bacevich,

"The Case For Socialism" by Allen Moss,

"C Street" by Jeff Sharlet  ( On "radical" religious movement of some in and influencing




Iraq War Logs, (each a SIGACT, Significant action in the war) at: /USA time, Oct 22, 2010,

Book:  "The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats

Enriched Wall Street, while Mugging Mainstreet",  by Robert Scheer,

Hisham Matar's books may show US involvement: "The Anatomy of a Disappearance"

and " In The Country of Men",

"Physics of the Future"  by Michio Kaku,

"Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years"  by Mark Hertsgaard  ( Nuclear power

will make climate change worse; not better.),

"Unnecessary Austerity" by Chuck Collins -- report on Between the Lines, 4/15/2011,

"Life and Death In a Dry Land"  by George Black 


"23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism"  by Ha-Joon Chang , economist at Univ.

of Cambridge,

"Deconstructing the US Military: America's Global War Against Planet Earth" by Dana Visalli,

"A Sea in Flames" by Carl Safina, Pres. of Blue Ocean Institute,

"Black Tide" by Antonia Yuhas,

"Why Americans Don't Vote and "Challenging Authority: How Ordinary People can Change

America"  by Frances Scott Piven

"Global Capitalism and American Empire" and "American Empire and The Political

Economy of International Finance"   by Leo Panitch,

"Ending the War in Afghanistan- A Primer" by Phyllis Bennis,


"Outside Looking In: Experiences in Barefoot Economics" by Manfred Max- Neef,

and "Economics Unmasked: From Power and Greed to Compassion"

 by Manfred Max-Neef and Phillip Barlett Smith,

"Corruption From Russia to Wall Street" by Matt Taibbi,

"All the Devils Are Here" by Jonah Serra,

"The Face of Imperialism" by Michael Parenti

"Strange Liberators" by Gregory Elich

"Intelligence Matters: The CIA, the FBI, Saudi Arabia.." by Bob Graham

"Contesting the Saudi State", "Politics in an Arabian Oasis", and " A History of Saudi Arabia"

by Madawi Al-Rashid


"Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic

Armageddon" by Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner

"Understanding  the US-Iran Crisis: A Primer" by Phyllis Bennis

"Harvest of Empire" by Juan Gonzales

"Will the Last Reporter Turn Out the Lights" by Robert McChesney and Victor Pickard

"The Appeal" by John Grisham

Film   " The Last Mountain" by Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Bill Hayney

"The Beekeeper's Lament  by Hannah Nordhaus  -- How one man and half a billion

honey bees feed America,

"Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World", "Liars Poker",  and "Wall Street: Inside The

Collapse"  all, by Michael Lewis

"Medical Apartheid" and "Deadly Monopolies"  by Harriet Washington


"Democracy For the Few"  by Michael Parenti

Film: "Return to Kandahar" by Paul Jay

"Super-Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire" , " Trade Development and

Foreign Debt" and " The Myth of Aid"  by Michael Hudson.

"Changing Planet, Changing Health"  by Paul Epstein, MD,

"JFK And The Unspeakable: How He Died And Why It Matters" by James W. Douglas

"The Silenced Majority: Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance, And Hope"  by

Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan  of Democracy Now.  See:  Democracy Now on KKFI,

90.1 community radio, Free Speech TV, and




Earthquake in Haiti:    US Disgraced the World ---Sent Guns and barred Relief Planes

From Landing:  Ansel Herz reports in Haiti   --Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzalez report on

the ground in Haiti.  --on the ground in Haiti -- Kim Ives reports on the ground in Haiti. denial of oil in Haiti

If you wan to help the people of Haiti, go to  -

contact, Didier Dominique.



If you don't think the US is being run by" The Pentagon",  go to, and  and "Empire of Illusion" by

Chris Hedges.   --The book,

"Damming The Flood: Haiti. Aristide, and the Politics of Containment"   --Nuclear armaments


Ask President Obama to fully back the return of President Manuel Zelaya's

to his rightful position in Honduras. ( holding a vote on whether to have a constitutional

convention is not a reason for overthrow of his government.)


E-mail the Whitehouse:   Stop demanding that Iraq privatize it oil  and public services.

Vice-President has asked Iraq to privatize Iraqi oil.  -------NOT A GOOD IDEA FOR IRAQ.

Iraq is a desert country. The people need to benefit from their oil.      And no sanctions on Iran!




Ask for Single Payer Healthcare.   The private providers have said,

that they can't cover everyone.  We need to have everyone

covered.  Thus, Single Payer under Medicare.  (There are 350 former government  officials

of " the healthcare industry.  --Public Citizen news letter, Nov. 2009.) Facts at:

 and former members of Congress ( Dick Gephardt of MO is one.) lobbying Congress on behalf


Ask Congress to pass H.R. 2567  --Close the School of the Americas (WHINSEC).

Ask Congress to pass H.R. 1826   --campaign finance reform

Ask Congress to pass H.R. 3200 -- Medicare for All

Ask Congress to pass H.R. 3699  --Prohibiting increase in troops

Ask Congress to pass H.R. 2404  --Calls for exit strategy from Afghanistan

Ask Congress to stop militarism in our schools --

militarism in schools

Ask Congress to pass a law that includes members of Congress and their staff

in insider trading legislation.( They are exempt, now.)

Ask Congress to pass FENA, The Fair Elections Now Act.


                              STOP THE MOVE TO A POLICE STATE!                           

Ask the President and Congress not to pass legislation, that would legalize indefinite

detention of prisoners without charge or trial.

Ask the President and Congress not to pass the "PASS ID Act of 2009."

Ask the President and Congress to repeal the Patriot act and the Military

Commissions Act.

See:, or



( date: 9/24/2010),


book,"Lawless Courts" by Jacqueline Stevens, --some courts seeming

to have deportation quotas, deporting legal citizens, (like police ticket quotas.)

See http://www.logan'






Read "The History of the National Security State" by Gore Vidal. ,


"The American Empire and the Fourth World: The Bowl With One Spoon, Part One" by

Anthony J. Hall, 

"The American Way of War: How Bush's Wars Became Obama's by Tom Englehardt,

The works of Peter Dale Scott, writer and researcher--See

"Economic Hitman" by John Perkens

"Abolition Democracy: Beyond Empire, Prisons, and Torture" by Angela Davis

See, also,

Film, "Return to Kandahar" by Paul Jay



See, also, Totalitarianism Today    by John Sharlot


Send letter campaigns at:

http://www.exposeexxoncom.   (Need a change in policy.) 21_2009   URGENT !!





Ask Congress to pass H.R. 1653  -- Nuclear Disarmament and Transformation Act


Ask Congress to pass the Charlie Wolfe Amendment to EEOTCO  benefit

for workers, who have been made sick at the KC weapons parts plant.



More on  Kansas City:

The Planned Industrial Expansion Authority, (PIEA), has approved the plan to

use less money to clean up a real blighted site,(The Kansas City Plant) and give

$40 million for phony blight to build a  plant on a new sight.  For full story, go to


Ask Congress to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.  See

         These are Anti-labor organizations:

           Center for Union Facts, Americans for Job Security,Coalition for a

           Democratic Workplace, Workplace Fairness Institute, Alliance for

           Worker Freedom, and Save Our Secret Ballot.


Re: the coup in Honduras -----    See  ----Al Giardano in Honduras

This coup was carried out by Honduran soldiers, who trained at the School of the

Amricas, and this school ( now called WHINSEC)   is still training Honduran



GOVERNMENT. HE WAS ELECTED.  He will hold the planned election, and the

citizens can vote "Yes" or "No." That is democracy. A coup is not democracy. 

This looks like what happened in Venezuela and Haiti.   See archives at   for the coup attempt in Venezuela and the coup

in Haiti.  Of Course, one was attempted in Cuba, as well. --- Sign petition to close The School of The Americas,

( WHINSEC)  See, also, , .  - Reported 10/9/2011.


Ask Obama to fix our trade and globalization policies:

No to new WTO agreements until there is a change in philosophy of

these agreements. All previous agreements need to be changed; because:


   "  The   WTO is a reason why the mortgage meltdown in the U.S. fatally

contaminated the entire financial industry here and abroad. .......


      The  WTO prevents the U.S. from limiting the size of foreign banks

  and other financial firms, even if we set such limits on domestic firms. ....


..... The WTO means that the U.S. taxpayers may have to bail out foreign

banks, too. ........


....The WTO obligates the U.S. to a 'standstill provision' which prevents

us from undoing many of our crazy deregulation policies with respect

to a vast array of banking, insurance, securities and other financial

services we submitted to WTO jurisdiction. ........


The WTO forbids the use of  Buy American or Buy Local programs. This

undercuts the effectiveness of the stimulus bill -- the $20 billion for

data-entry workers to put medical records into electronic format likely

will go offshore rather than employing workers here and thus recycling

through our economy. ......     resulting agreements provide special

incentives and protections for U.S. firms that offshore investments and jobs

to low wage countries. ..........


Timothy Geitner led U.S. efforts, during the Clinton administration, to use

the WTO to impose "this new U.S. financial casino model " on the rest of

the world."  ------

                              ------from PUBLIC CITIZEN  news letter


See:   ---James Kwak and Simon Johnson,'arista   --of  Economists for Financial Reform



No to appointment of Bill Clinton as envoy to Haiti.  He was poison for

Haiti, before, and he will be, again.  President Obama is continuing

imperialist  rule by  corporations.  Prior to US take over of Haiti,

Haiti was able to feed itself.  US policy is against democracy in

Haiti.  (For history, go to archives at  The U.S.

wrecks lives for native people everywhere we go.



Re: the pirates of Somalia,   stop ignoring the fact that large fishing boats

are illegally fishing in Somali  waters and dumping toxic waste, ruining

the lives of the people of Somalia, and they are accompanied by military

ships.   How about stopping these pirates? Then we wouldn't have these

Somali  pirates.  ( See archives at Democracy Now- 4/14/09)


Re: The border wall,  "Federal officials are illegally withholding documents

that  would allow the public to determine the full impact of the 700 miles of fence

being built along the Texas-Mexico border.   ( See University of Texas Working

Group on Human Rights and the Border Wall, and Public Citizen, March/

April 2009.  Ask for access to information. )  See  --Jonathan Schell.


Re: Pakistan, the drones are hitting too many innocent people.  Stop this

horrible bombing.


Palestine:  ( Ask for U.S. foreign policy change.)

Re: Palestine, ask President Obama to stop the use by the US and Israel of

depleted uranium shells, white phosphorus, cluster bombs, and bulldozers

on Palestinian homes.  Also stop settlements and walling off Palestinians

from their farm land and the destruction of their fruit trees, etc. ( For

history go to  ,


  --Israel Founding Myth by Morgan Strong, )  

 (  When has Iran attacked another country?

Israel attacked Syria, however. If you were a neighbor, what would you

be thinking? )

 Also, see: and,

http://www.unhcr.org  --Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem  - Jad Isaac,


(My view: Israel should be reduced to double the size set aside as Israel in 1946, and the area should be

a solid area, on the northwest side of Palestine: not in separate disconnected areas, as shown in the 1946

map. It makes no sense to have disconnected areas.  If  Israel can't accept such a settlement,

all land should be returned as Palestine. The rest of the world should say, "We are "done". We have no

more patience!)

http://www.cjme.org,, ---archive of Israeli attack inquiry on Gaza/

Richard Goldstone.

Read "On the Border" by Michel Warschawski

and "Overcoming Speechlessness" by Alice Walker,

"Myths,  Empire and the Middle East" by Richard Becker,

"The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" by Elan Pape'.

"The Unspoken Alliance: Israel's Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa" by

Sasha Polenko-Suransky  --  and  --Josh Ruebner,

(See how much money from your community goe to arm the Israeli government.)   --Independent Jewish voices   --Helena  Cobban,  --- Cantor Michael Davis,,   -- Lia reports  ( see, also,   for video   --Reports on Palestine   -- betrayal of the Palestinian people

Read Helen Caldicott's book:  " Nuclear Power is Not the Answer" and " If You Love

This Planet: A Plan to Heal the Earth",,  --Bernard Friedman

Book:  "One Country, A Bold Proposal to End The Israeli-Palestinian Impasse" by

Ali Abunimah



Also of interest: a book," A History of Modern Lebanon" by Prof. Fawwaz Traboulsi.

Book:  "1967: Israel, the War and the Year That Transformed the Middle East" by

Tom Segev. - His viewpoint -- Jews had no other place to go.

"Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights" by

Omar Barghouti , (Haymarket Books, 2011) 

"This Time We Went Too Far" by Norman Finkelstein

Noam Chomsky's book:  "Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel's War Against the

Palestinians"  November, 2010.

Judah Passow's book:  "Shattered Dreams"--pictures taken in Israel and Palestine.


Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish's book:  "I Shall Not Hate.",

"Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid"  book by Yves Engler,

"A Brief History of Zionism"  book by Zachary Lockman

"Orientalism" by Edward Said

"Gaza, Symbol of Resistance" a compilation by Joyce Chediac

"Disappearing Palestine" by  Jonathan Cook

"Political Economy of Israel's Occupation: Repression Beyond Exploitation" by Shir Hever,

        ( With the Alternative Information Center)



Read:"What Do Afghans Want" by Media Benjamin

"Ending The U.S. War in Afghanistan" by Phyllis Bennis and David Wildman

 See film: "The Good Soldier"



Fusion Centers:  Ask for the elimination of federal "Fusion Centers" ,

which are inappropriate police intelligence operations, that target  political ,

religious, and social activists, such as anti-war protest groups. These

centers are supported by private corporations, have military participation,

use of data mining, and excessive secrecy surrounding them. ( See Peaceworks,

Kansas City, April 2009 and ACLU. )


Re: mental health in the military, ask for sex education for men in the

military; so as to stop the routine raping of women in the night, when they

have to go to the latrine. Masturbation in not evil !!!!! Rape is !!!! Women

are literally dying of thirst, as they are afraid to drink water after 3 PM.

 (See archives at



Re: health care, investigate Taiwan's  health care system. " The new system

had two major goals: to equalize access for all citizens and to control total health

spending.  ........The country devoted seven years to redesigning its health

system and followed the dictum of thinking globally while acting locally.

Taiwanese policy-makers and health care experts examined the health care

systems of more than 10 countries, including Medicare in the United  States,

choosing those structures and practices that best furthered their objectives. has been able to secure strong political support, with 80% of the

Taiwanese population expressing satisfaction with their national health care."

 (See Public Citizen's Health Letter, Jan 2009, VOL 25, No 1. pg. 1. )


France appears to be happy with their system.


Follow along at,  

See, also:, , and  ( Sign his petition.)

Dr. Eduardo Obarra Ortega has suggested trying Single Payer Health Care in

Puerto Rico, first, ( Like Public School was tried in one state, first.) and let

the country see how it works.  As Dr. Ortega says, there are areas left for

private insurers; because there are many options that Single Payer

would find not necessary procedures.


              "....Health care and the economy are inextricably linked....Public Citizen

Health  Letter, April 2009,Vol. 25,No4.

             "...For physicians, boutique medicine is partly a way of limiting their

clientele to those who are healthier and wealthier....." Public Citizen Health

Letter, Jan. 2009, Vol.25, No. 1...."

            "....U.S. Inmates Suffer from Chronic Illness and Poor Access to Health

Care....." Feb. 2009, Vol.25, No. 2., Public Citizen Health Letter.( prison inmates)

Info Re: a national health plan:


From Public Citizen, May/June, 2010: ' "Physicians should be paid for their time on the job, rather

than for the number of procedures they perform, Wolfe said. This would ensure that doctors focus

more on women's health than a financial bottom line." ' Full report at

See, also,   --Public Citizen Health Letter,

March 2010.



Re Cuba:   Repeal the 1996 Helms-Burton Act and normalize relations with Cuba.

( Not with an unfair "free trade" agreement, however, like the US forced

on Haiti, ruining the ability of the people of Haiti to grow their own fruits

and vegetables for a living. Please, don't try to do that in Cuba !   It is what

US Ag giants and food corporations want.  They are talking about it, and

I'm afraid for Cuba, given Obama's voting for "Free Trade", while in

the Senate. And we don't have good Democrats in charge-- Pelosi & Reid.)


Ask your legislators to pass and the President to sign the Financial Product 

Safety Commission Act.  ( Legislation designed to protect consumers against

unfair lending practices.)  See


Sign a petition at   to save an archaeologically

important area.



".....Congress put in $700 billion last year (fall 2008),  Obama wants to add

another $750 billion this year.  ....little- publicized commitments include

$5.4 trillion in direct federal investments ( buying the companies' stocks),

$2.3 trillion loaned to the banks, and $2.1 trillion to insure the debts and

guarantee the "toxic" (i.e., worthless) assets of the financial firms. The

total as of March 18: $9.9 trillion.   ......

.......economist, George Akerlof coauthored an academic paper......given

...title: "Looting.".....The authors analyzed some of the financial disasters

of the 1980's, concluding that capitalists profiteers had taken ridiculous

risks because they knew that when their overreaching finally created a bust,

the government would step in to socialize the losses.  Akerlof predicted that

the next source of financial looting would come from an obscure Wall

Street  scheme that was just getting started: credit derivatives. ........Ultimately

based on nothing but a fiction ( in particular, the assertion that housing values

only go up), the derivatives bubble burst...and so has our economy. "   -----

From:   The Hightower Lowdown,VOL 11, No 4, Apr. 2009.


See, also,,,  and

Part of any profits generated by the entities with public money, should be

put into Social Security and Medicare, until all of the public money is paid



The people, who helped to cause the problem are not likely to fix it. Obama's

campaign received $17 million from Wall Street and $980,945. from Goldman Sachs.

He has put people in charge, who caused the problem. Those people

should have been fired, and ridiculous CEO pay should stop.




  (We are, almost , being controlled by

a military junta.)  The citizenry needs to wake up.)

A country's military, its support services,

its police departments, and its jails

 should not be privatized ( made into

for profit industries). -- Daniel Ellsberg  ---See how the warring philosophy

affects your area.    ----Re: "9/11 event"

" Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army" by

Jeremy Scahill.,

"The American Way of War: How Bush's Wars Became Obama's" by Tom Engelhardt, ---efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons.


David Axelrod was Obama's Senior Advisor. David Axelrod was

a partner in what sounds to me like a public relations firm,

that has represented big corporations. Ex. AT&T.


  Regarding   The Bailout of wall street:     Go to Neighborhood

Assistance Corporation of America.  (  You can direct any questions to

Bruce Marks, if you still have questions, but there is much information on the

web site and a letter you can send to your legislators.)


( Ref:

The Shock Doctrine: Rise of Disaster Capitalism , by Naomi Klein.



 Obama approves of US imperialism. Iran is not a

threat to us, but he is threatening Iran.  Iran doesn't want war

with any country. Israel is the threat.


Oct. 22, 2008

Bush , via the US Treasury Dept., tried to further provoke Iran and

Venezuela, by enacting sanctions against  Iran's Export Development

Bank and its affiliates, which includes Venezuela's Banco International

De Desarello. The US  Treasury has frozen their US assets to prevent

business with US citizens.    -------  ( Venezuela Information Office)




Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a minister, has co-sponsored  H. Con.

Res. 362,---"The Iran Blockade Resolution", which is,

essentially, an act of war, and which would implement a land,

air, and sea blockade and a ban on the international travel of all

Iranian officials, including diplomats----This Iv'e just read in PeaceWorks,

Kansas City, 2008.    This is, exactly, what Dr. Jeremiah Wright

 was speaking out

against.  He was speaking out against US imperialism and

 other injustices.


Rep. Cleaver was, also, in favor of building a new nuclear weapons

parts plant in Missouri, without cleaning up the currant Kansas City

Plant.  ( We should clean up the Kansas City nuclear parts plant

and refit it for manufacturing renewable energy product parts, and

not build a new nuclear weapons parts plant.)  -New Mexico citizens


All ministers who claim to be "Christian", should be screaming

at Congress.  The fact is that we just are not a " Christian"


          A book to read:Mirrors, Stories of Almost Everyone,

          Open Veins of Latin America  by Eduardo Galleano, and



-----During the campaign:

"John McCain said he wants to drill for oil in South Dakota. ---------There is

no known oil there--, and he has flip-flopped and is now in favor of off shore

drilling; because some oil executives say it would be a good thing.  ( Off shore

drilling reduces the height of the adjoining land.).....( Drilling in the Artic

would be, totally, irresponsible.)


Oil companies, already, have leases on 68 million acres ( 2/3 of federal land,

believed to have recoverable oil), and they are just sitting on it. They have leases on

80% of recoverable offshore oil and are drilling, only, 1/4 of that.  ........


The oil companies want more leases, anyway.   It is so they can control

pricing!!!!! .......


The oil companies can sell to the highest bidder. They are not

going to drill for our benefit. They are not going to help us

with our need for foreign oil.  ......


Also, a 1997 US agreement with China allows China to

bid on new leases on the US Continental Shelf."


 From :    "The Hightower Lowdown",Sept. 2008 by Jim Hightower.

A book to read:  "Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Road Map For U.S. Energy

Policy"(2007) by Arjun Makhijani.  See interview at

Carbon-Free Future, March/April 2009.




 Go to!


Ask your city and state legislators to join Global Exchange in its Cities for Peace

campaign against any attack on Iran.( See Global Exchange, Spring/Summer

2008.)   Iran does not make war on other countries!


"The US and Israel are the real nuclear danger. The Pentagon has a huge,

nuclear-capable naval armada in the Persian/Arabian Gulf, with guns aimed

at Iran. Israel, the Pentagon's proxy force in the Middle East, has up to 200

nuclear warheads and has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Iran did sign it." 


"Iran has suffered greatly at the hands of the US. We recall the US overthrow of

the democratically elected government of  Dr. M. Mossadegh and returned the

Shah  to the Peacock Throne - 'the proudest achievement of the CIA'. For

25 years the Shah ruled Iran with an iron fist for the benefit of US oil

corporations, before the people of Iran, in the millions, overthrew his tyranny

at a terrible cost in lives. For the past 27 years US sanctions have impeded

Iran's right to development and brought great suffering to the people."  ---, July 10, 2008.


Read: "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary

Army" by Jeremy Scahill, " Treacherous Alliances: The Secret Dealings of

Israel, Iran, and the United States" by Trita Parsi, and "The Bush Agenda:

Invading the World, One Economy at a Time" and " The Tyranny of Oil:

the World's Most Powerful Industry, and What We Must Do to Stop It"

by Antonia Juhasz.   ( See, also, "PeaceWorks", below.)  ( A good book to  read

is at:



Iraqi oil should not be privatized!   Iraqi public services should not be

 privatized!     The US

government is a modern day pirate.  Iraqi people need the income from

the oil, and it is

their oil !!!!!!    Public services should never be "for profit" enterprises !!!!!




Sherrod Brown voted for the Military Commissions Act, which suspends our right to

defend  ourselves in a court of law.


Claire McCaskill voted for a more invasive eavesdropping bill.


Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are not concerned by all of the ways that George Bush has

violated the US Constitution.


Conservatives are controlling both parties,  but young people have time to gain control. Jesus

followers didn't give up. I've decided, that a  viable third party is not possible with the "death grip

the Democratic base has on controlling ballot access; so change has to come from within.


Many Democrats are voting like progressives most of the time, but take turns

 voting for bad legislation when it is "their turn", to make sure that it gets passed

or to prevent good legislation from passing, they will take "their turn", voting

against it.  They are fooling most of their constituents, as they just toy with us.    


Dennis Kucinich was the only Presidential  candidate, until he had to drop out to    

 campaign for  his Congressional House seat , who

 has shown, by his legislative record and his proposed legislation and programs, that

he would  lead this country in the best direction for the US and the world.


I' ve learned that a "write-in candidate" has to participate in the process by signing

 a special form, and we have to get delegates in place, just like balloted candidates;

 so this would be only the thing to do when the particular candidate was not running

to keep his seat in Congress.

I wanted to do a protest vote in 2004, but that was not possible.



 See how " Free Trade " affects citizens, everywhere:, --Economic Policy Institute Nafta Report 09/06, Columbian labor, Room/Press Releases/Fact Sheets



  Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, both, support Free Trade. In spite of what they say,

now, they have voted, and were campaigning for the Peru Trade deal, but then they skipped

the vote. Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate who voted against the Peru trade deal. If he

could find the time to vote, the others could have, also. (  See, also," Nafta Super

Highway", below.


Go to archives at  to see who the candidates  retained as their advisors.

This tells who the candidates admire and look up to, and who the candidates, really, are.



" Squandering Healthcare"   Multinational Monitor  September 2003 :   "BUREAUCRACY IN THE

HEALTHCARE  SYSTEM  accounts for about a third of the total U.S. healthcare spending ---

a sum so great that if the United States were to have a national health insurance program, the

administrative savings alone would be enough to provide healthcare coverage for all of the

uninsured in this country, according to the study published in August (2003) in the New England

Journal of Medicine." About national health plans: .



Public Citizen and Multinational Monitor have been trying to inform people for many

years.  If enough people had been reading these publications, we would not be

in this mess, now. ----Find your correct candidate.    ----- Brad Friedman's blog

See: http:/  , 

 See, also,

See, also,http:/ for regular in session legislative reports

on legislation and your legislators' votes. Go to,,,,

and, all, put out legislators' voting records after each

legislative session or at least before each 2 year election cycle.


If you don't know how your legislators voted on the proposals and final bills, you don't

know who you are voting for.


             -----  International corporate activity  ----- Public Citizen   ----public interest org.  


                      ----  American Association of University Women  

                     ---American Civil Liberties Union  ---American Corrections Association--profit driven

    Go to   --Architects and engineers for 9/11 truth   --- Women's movement in Pakistan   --News ---News  ----  Arabic news

Hear Allen Ruff at    --"A Public Affair"(89.9 FM)

 http:/  ---- Audubon  Organization  -- News  --- David Barsamian Independent Media  ---Amer. Lands Alliance  --  Center for Amer. Progress  --- Family Tree research  -----  the Abu Ghraib prison photos by news  -- James Kwak and Simon Johnson ---Bernie Sanders web site --- Alliance for Better Campaigns  ---  info on voting machines   ---  Report on Blackwater

 private militia  ( Xe or new name (( changed frequently.))

US Training Center and there are other names.)  --Editor, Bill Fletcher,Jr.  ---- Bill of Rights Defense Committee ---- project to control guns  ---Between the Lines News  --News   ---News   Between the Lines - ---  support for old growth forests   ----  Center for Constitutional Rights          for Justice and Democracy  --- public interest watch  group  and

and ---- Center for Int値 Forest Research ---- Citgo  Oil Co. web site    ----Citizens For Justice in the Middle East  ---  socially responsible investing  ---VT --- a HALT web site ---- climate change news portal   News   ---Conservation International --Innovation in

                                                                                             science. Consumer Fed. Of America  --- Magazine by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair ---- Center for Science in the Public Interest  ---- Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Org.  Citizens for Tax Justice


    Examples of how well corporations are "doing it all themselves"  Taxes paid by some

corporations in 2009 (  a minus sign indicates money from the public till.):   General Electric, $-833. ;

American Electric Power, $-575. ;  Dupont, $23. ; Verizon Communications, $-611. ; Boeing,

$-136. ; Wells Fargo, $-3,967. ; FedEX, $15. ;  Honeywell International, $-28. ; IBM, $473. ;

Yahoo, $102. ; United Technologies, $198, ; Exxon Mobil, $-954.

For 2010:  General Electric, $-3,253. ; American Electric Power, $-134. ; Dupont, $-109. ;

Verizon Communications, $-705. ; Boeing, $-3. ;  Wells Fargo, $1,345. ; FedEX, not avail. yet;

Honeywell International, $-482. ; IBM, $190. ; Yahoo, $-82. ; United Technologies, $44. ;

Exxon Mobil, $992.     from ctj July issue. ( Mor info avail. at their site.   --- News --news from Iraq ( see, also,

                                      --  News -----  Int値 Dark Sky Assoc.   ---- Pacifica  Radio news  --- Center for Digital Democracy ---News media  ---- Drug Policy Alliance -----  Death with Dignity ----  conservation institute  ----- public interest law firm  ---  environmental art  --Earth Policy Institute --environmental ethics  

    EDF's advocacy:  ---European Science Foundation  --senior job assistance  --- fairness and accuracy in reporting  ----fair trade  products from native peoples  --- Iranian news American Farmland Trust     ---- Help America Vote Act of 2002  --Friends Committee on National Legislation  --Ms Magazine  --  See freightening facts about

bottled water. of Earth  ----perspectives   ----  Freedom of Information Act form   -----Friends of Sabeel---North America   ---Kevin Bales  -- --- Council for Responsible Genetics  ---- building people to people ties   --News  ----News  ---safe products Movement for a sustainable world  ---- Greater Yellowstone Coalition  ---- recycled gold jewelry  --- Chip Giller  --Environmental news & commentary    ---News for Legal Reform ( See, also,  --- Jewish news

http://www.  --- gifts of livestock for native people

( Heifer  Int値)  ---Humane Farming Association:

                              (  Boycott veal! )   -- Jim Hightower, news Brain  web site  --- Human Rights Watch

   ----Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions  ----International Center For Research on Women  --  --Juan Cole blog  -- Yoko Ono  --- International Middle East media Center        ( for Robert Fisk commentary)

            You can maybe, more easily, type in:

            Robert Fisk Independent uk ----Then select his commentary. ----  Council on Amer.  Indian Affairs  ----  community struggles in India ---  Independent Media  --- political movement
  --Institute For Policy Studies   ----- Iran news ---Int値 Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims  ---Island Earth ---Catalina Island Conservancy ---- world conservation union  - Jerusalem Post --(See "Whose

 Road Map" by Jeff Halper --- informed comment   -- --Rights based law reform

                                               around the world.  --- Amer. Kenaf Society   -  Kansas City Election Board  ----Pacifica Radio

http/ FM , Independent Radio ----Dennis Kucinich's web site  ----League of Conservation Voters   -- Women are abused around the world. -- teacher and classroom  web site   ---News  News -- Magazine ( Read, "Life After Chernobyl" by

Jeff and Eva Forssell, May/June, 1987   ---perspectives in irony  -----  Robert Ballard痴 Institute for Exploration   --free and independent press  --Harvey Wasserman   -- Food facts


                   NAFTA Super Highway Info:  / SPP & NAFTA Super highway / NAFTA Super Corridor  / NAFTA Super Corridor, SPP and Kansas City Port     The Texas segment  --  business site   ---  business site  see Spring/Summer 2008 for Plan Mexico update.

winter 2008 edition for Peru Nafta and Plan Mexico by John Gibler

Re: Incorporations LLC, see Muntinational Monitor, May/June 2007


Re: IMF & World Bank references, see Multinational Monitor, May 2002    Independent media, international news   ---Al Giardano   --- Information site   Smithsonian Nat値 zoological Park  ---- Nat値 Committee to Save Social Security

and Medicare  ---Authors talk about their

work with Angela Elam, producer  --- energy independence  ---Danny Schechter's site    See, also, ----Nat値 Parks and Conservation  Assoc.  ----Ethiopian perspective, movie ( See, also  -- The  experts blog    --story about pollinators   -perspective  --- Org. with system to fight world poverty    ---Israeli peace movement

           The Kansas City Plant makes 85% of all nuclear weapons components.


     "Disarmament, ecology and economic justice are inextricably linked; and only by

      serving the first can sufficient funds be freed to serve the other two" William Sloane

      Coffin, Jr.  ----Never buy or wear new fur. See why here.    --writer and researcher  ----- Foundation fighting for fairness   -- Tibet News ---Physicians for national plan  --See facts on such plans.     ----  public interest airwaves coalition -- intertainment  ---- information and action org.

" after expert testified that abstinence-only programs are ineffective,

inaccurate, and dangerous to teens"  -- hearing on line at http://oversight.

See, also,  ---News   -- Community Radio Project   News --- American Prospect On Line  -- Center for Media and Democracy --- People to People Int値  --The Nation Magazine  ----  ( Euroquest w/ Jonathan Grubert) ---  Thom Hartmann  radio program   --Tina Rubio,Andrew Stelzer

                                                  "Making Contact"- 800-529-5736 Rain Forest Action Network   -----Jeremy Scahill reports  --- Venezuela Information Office

   See, also: http://www. ---   Radio program w/Robert Kennedy,Jr &

                                                      Mike Papantonio   ---News  (Russian TV blog) ---common sense for oceans  Environmental Investments   - School of the Americas watch ---  space news ---  ( implanted chips )  -- Action center  --Making government transparent  ----  action alerts  ---business solutions for poverty     ---Information site, Tom Klammer,host  --How to Monitor and

Influence Policy at the Federal Level"  List of legislators and contacts   ---Robert F. Kennedy action  --  Independent media

http://www.theindependent ---- see independent etc. -----Independent News   --about Tibet Way Out Ministries   -- Ask the doctors.  ---news   ( Alex Gibney, film maker)   ----  Tom Englehardt  --- alternative news     ---perspectives  -- more nuclear weapons.   -- news --Robert Scheer, Chris Hedges & others ----  news watch org.  --- Turkish news  --  Bill McKibben ---Climate Action org. ---- Union of Concerned Scientists    --Important issues  ---Italy ---"Blood for Oil" story  --Science informatio

http://www.uspirg/--- US Public Interest Research Group ----  News and discussions   -Book by Gregory Wilpert:   ----Venezuela Information Office ---FINCA, INT鱈  --  provides funds for lending ----Nuclear Age Peace Foundation ---- Indonesian Forum for Environment ----Waterkeeper Alliance --Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

"  There is no such thing as clean coal. ....rivers, poisoned" , and

don't buy cypress mulch.   Save the rest of Puerto Rico's natural coastal habitat.   ---National Whistleblower Center ( Sign petition.)   -- News  --Julian Assange  ( Adrian Lamo was a tattle-tale  --

said he thought some one might get killed because of the tape. Well, guess what! Innocent

people had been killed.( Apparently, if you aren't in the US military, you aren't someone.)

( Oh! and even if in the US military, if you are a woman, you aren't a person either, are you?-

you know the rapes.)

 That was the point in getting the information out, Adrian,you twit!

You have no sense of morality!  People in Iraq and Afghanistan know about US atrocities,

 whether people in the US know or not. They are there, and they know about US policy.)

See, also,

US citizens have a right to know how tax money is spent. We have a right to know how our

military personnel are trained. We have a right to know how our state department behaves.

IT IS OUR TAX MONEY !!!!!!    And we have a right to way-in on wheather we enter

into war, and those, who are for it, should go fight it, with their own money; because wars

are fought to please corporations. wild salmon Society

     Development of oil shale would destroy land, protected species,

 and use too much water. --- womens int値 news  --- World Rainforest Movement
    --Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative--effort to preserve

                                           our wildlife.
 --- all natural fair trade chocolate
   --- Jewish news   ---public funding for all Federal elections
   -- ZNet